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Sozzals atag posted Sep 21, 15

Taking your suggestions and votes for the next Pyran event.  

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This Friday night, we'll be hosting a quiz night with the fabulous Jim as our quizmaster.  The questions will be everything related to Vanilla World of Warcraft.  Bring vodka! Signup so we know you're coming.

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This Friday 11th September @ 20:30 GMT - meet at the Pyran Tower.

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No level requirement - everyone is welcome!

Date changed to accomodate drinking copius amounts of alcohol.

Putting up a night for anyone interested in rolling a ladder character and testing out the new patch! Friday night <3 bring vodka, be on teamspeak.  This Friday 28th August - starting at around 20:00 GMT. 

You can view the patch notes here.

To the Pyran Tower!

Sozzals atag posted Aug 25, 15  -  allianceironforgepyran tower

As tradition dictates, we must pick a new home - somewhere in Ironforge.  On Thursday night we'll be having our very first guild meeting on Nostralius at 20:30 GMT (21:30 gametime).  Would be awesome if you all turned up so we can get a really nice screenie and also - you can give your input on where we set up base camp, i.e. where the next Pyran tower will be!

Note to new members: in the past, Pyran had "the pyran tower" which was a building in Orgrimmar (we used to play horde) where we met up for guild meetings and events.

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