A bunch of us are playing right now and we decided to start a fleet together. We are on the federation side cos reasons and you can join as a Romulan too as they can choose and ally at level 10 (Romulans are awesome btw).

There are many benefits to being in a fleet in STO like access to the highest gear and ships by contributing to the fleet holdings projects in many different "bases" like the Starbase or the Romulan embassy to gain the currency for very useful items, we would of just joined an established one but that would of meant a whole lot of issues like earning the right to contribute and then fighting over said contributions before it gets filled etc, so it was far more beneficial to just start one and reap the rewards.

Star Trek Online is F2P and your able to gain cash shop currency (Zen) just by playing and refining Dillithium to convert into Zen, I managed to purchase a top tier ship in 3 weeks or so, so its definitely possible to play completely free.

So if you have played before and want to give it another bash, or a massive trekkie like me and couldn't find anyone to play with or even you are completely new and feel like giving it a go for the first time, then feel free to yell at Rav, Chris or me for an invite. Where on TS most nights.

You can download the game on steam or use PWEs shitty steam clone Arc (cos we need more of those on our PCs right) @

I will be playing for the foreseeable future even if I'm playing something else too , but with the sea of mediocrity lately I needed one that I had fun with to pass the time as nothing in the near future has me exited.... yet.


Hey fellow Pyrans!

I'm here to announce, that my WoW 1.12.1 project officially opened its doors!
Some of you already helped a lot with bug reporting! I'm very thankful for your help!

My idea behind this project is to stand out with a professional project plan for the future.
And I want to stay way closer to the community than most other servers do.
And I want to release more servers after a period of time, when the project impacts.
So you could copy your vanilla char to tbc, from tbc to wotlk etc pp.

But now it's time to build a community, and I need your help again. I would like to see
you guys playing on my awesome scripted server and bring your friends - spread the word
as wide as you can.

If you're interessted and want to get more details, visit the project website:

Forum isn't installed yet, and the webserver is a bit "slow" - he has to handle a giant database + the WoW Server itself at the moment. When time comes, I will seperate the website from the WoW Server.



Registration is now fixed. You don't have to get a registration email anymore (which wasn't been sent by our server).
So, you're now able to register again and login!

If you're unsure about the game (like me) and want the opportunity  to try before you buy, then you should get downloading.  The game is now in open beta from 8th to 18th May and is available for trial and test.  Join us on TS3 at the weekend. 

Server details: Hazak (Eng-PVP) Europe
Faction: Exiles

Pyran Guild up on Diablo III

Sozzals a posted Apr 2, 14  -  diablo 3

Pyran guild is up on Diablo 3 - you can find it by searching the guild list. Dave, Chris, Barry, me and Jim all have permissions at the moment so one of us should be about to accept you.

Join TS3 in the evenings to chat to us. We're fabulous.  Also enable guild chat ingame.

We're putting a bloodline game up of Dwarf Fortress. Meeting up on Tuesday 18th March at 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) on TS3 for any interested parties. Download the pack we'll be using here:

Signups on the Facebook page!

Announcement of