Discord and the News Feed

Farske a posted Sep 26, 16


The news posts have been taken over by the Feed. The feed will show new forum posts, registers and announcements. If you are wondering why this is the last news post (for now) it is because of the shift in community communciation.

This has mainly been done due to the free flowing communication that discord has introduced.


Since the introduction of Discord, the forums have suffered. It is not a majorly bad thing, we still use them for records, information and resources as the Discord chat is more suited for a flowing conversation.

Discord can be used in the browser, or as we recommend, as a downloadable application. It is free, has voice comms, channels, rooms, and has fast become our go to tool. Teamspeak server is still up, but is rarely used.

To join in chatting either use the connect button (top left of this page).

Alternatively head over to DiscordApp and download for windows
Then once you have that sorted click this link for an invite.

This will set you as a temporary member so do remember to ask for a role change.

Already got Discord, click here for Invite.

See you on there.

First Blood World PVP Event

Our first World PVP event open to all will be kicked off by Pyran, Citadel and Logic working together. We need Pyran in force!

We will be running a joint event with Citadel and Logic.

Citadel are similar to us with more spunk and fresh faces. They are focused on PVP and aim to be an "event guild" running multiple events weekly and kicking arse. Logic are a 60's guild focused on raiding with the dabble in PvP. Logic have run Fight Club every Saturday, a club for the 10-20 level characters as a 1v1 tournament.

The Joint venture events will start at 7pm Servertime.

Pyran, we need you for our event: HEAD HUNTER which starts at 9pm Servertime

Inspired by the PVP challenge we hosted a few weeks ago; Teams of 5 will rush off to complete, in the quickest time (timed from when they leave the Inn as a 5), to target a selection of race/class combos (to be confirmed) and take their heads!

Pyran, what I need from you is a few people to help with the registration process, recording the teams and times.

I'll need as many people as possible to turn up in Pyran to show our tags, show our numbers, and drum up interest. Bring you PVP face. I'll need a few Warlocks to act as summoners for key peeps. It may even be an idea to get a dedicated advertising team in Ironforge and Stormwind to offer summons.

Check out the forum thread here

BRD Loading Screen

The fresh 60's are ready to venture into the PVE world of WoW Classic. While we all know we want to PVP we may as well dip our toes in, experience it and give us a reason to grind AV.

Lets talk about what gear we need, give each other advice, choose a plan and set on a dungeon.

Tomorrow lets meet up, early afternoon, have a chat and aim to start one of the dungeons. I'd say lets focus on gearing up a little, and ending with a premade PVP in WSG or AB.

Vote for the next event

Sozzals atag posted Sep 21, 15

Taking your suggestions and votes for the next Pyran event.  

Click the button above to be redirected to the vote on Facebook.

This Friday night, we'll be hosting a quiz night with the fabulous Jim as our quizmaster.  The questions will be everything related to Vanilla World of Warcraft.  Bring vodka! Signup so we know you're coming.

Signup here and check the events forum for details on upcoming evenings of fun!