Due to my Article last year with MMORPG I got to try Albion Online and have a chat with the devs.
Last time we tried to get some keys we had the launch of ArcheAge and we also had a few issues. This time we have it sorted.
Reply here members of Pyran and lets get a guild going in Albion Online. A sandbox pvp, full loot, player driven economy, classless fantasy rpg. With GVG for territory we can excel with small groups. 
All keys gone :(
Watch me on Twitch and join in chat with the viewers to show your appreciation :)
You can purchase the founders pack using this affiliate link which will give the guild extra vanity gold in game. As we just have an alpha key we will discuss founders packs after the game.
The game will be free to play, with premium subscription which give bonuses. 
All gear is crafted.
Gold buys vanity stuff.

Ko'Ragh down!

Sozzals atago posted Jan 19, 15  -  ko'raghpyranworld of warcraftwow raid
Congratulations to everyone who showed up for the raids this week, which saw Ko'Ragh going down!

Hey Folks, we're off to Highmaul on Wednesday.
Raid invites: 20:00
Raid start: 20:30

Please signup with your appropriate character and spec on the Events page.

~ ~ ~

How to get there:-
The instance line and summoning stone for Highmaul are at [34, 38] in western Nagrand, between Mok'gol Watchpost and the Ancestral Grounds on the east coast of the big island. The nearest flight path is at [50.8, 30.6] at Rizlit's Holdfast, eastward along the northern road.

~ ~ ~

Seasons Greetings

Sozzals atago posted Dec 22, 14

Have a nice holiday period guys.  See yous in the New Year!