ArcheAge and what next?

Farske a posted 22 hours ago

Ahoy thar!

The honeymoon period is over, many have moved on, others have decided its too much of a time sink and even more have decided to give World of Warcraft a try.

Currently we have around 70 members. This week only 50 were active, with only 30 being active within the last few days. I've popped online three times this week and the most I saw was 5 people online with 3 of them being AFK.

The events we have attempted never happen, we don't have the party compensation to make a party work (healers, tanks). We do have a trade ship now, we have a couple of Galleons and we have yet to really use them.We have an amazing guild village, yet as people drift away we are going to lose spots. We have lost one spot already.

I believe most people are popping online, tending a farm or crop and logging off again. Trollface made a great post attempting to address this issue already so please feel free to add your input. What we do need is a show of hands who is actually going to keep playing, who wants to invest time and effort into ArcheAge. What do you think we should do?

I intend to keep playing.

With Pyran still growing in strength as people gear, people ding 50, and we pick up new players along the way it is time to get organised and arrange events!

The Guild Meeting on Wednesday was a great success, we discussed farms, relations, events, pvp, guild gear and the storage chests. Check out the notes over at the thread in the Guild Hall.

In addition please congratulate Jaysee for stepping up to a Guild Assist role who will be actively chasing other guilds forming alliances and arranging events with said guilds and alliances. Please keep checking the Guild Relations thread and if in doubt ask in Guild Chat or Jaysee where we stand with XYZ.

Remember reputation is everything, lets avoid breaking any alliances or promises!

We need more Guild Assist volunteers to help with event scheduling. We need someone to be able to identify the best times, schedule events and arrange whos doing what and where. Check out the events thread and volunteer if you fancy it.

Recruitment is still open, you can check our rules here, and apply here.
If you are a member and do not have access, request here.

Dueling. If you are sitting about waiting, duel one another, practice, offer feedback, give sound advice. We will soon be implementing a "Fight these 3 people"(random people) to new applicants to join the guild. We will then judge their knowledge of the game, prowess and how we can help. 


Yarr me hearties, we be takin' the high seas, if ye land lubbers have anythin' bad tae say you can call a parlay. 

We have launched our first Galleon, named the Saint Pyr, and slapped on our colours. Thank you to all who contributed to the Galleon! 

Our first venture netted us 6 trade packs from reds, and one destroyed clipper ;)

Check out the Guild Relations thread, important alliance information!

Stay tuned for scheduled privateering nights using the Galleon for the radar, and the clippers for boarding ships. We will need dedicated players to take up roles, such as Radar, Pooner, Trade Pack Recovery, and alike. Keep an eye on the forums for this information. If you are a member and do not have access, request here.

As we now have a bit of strength on the seas, we can expect more Guild Trade Runs and to fuel this, more Pyran Village Farm organisation.

Recruitment is still open, you can check our rules here, and apply here.


Queues, Queues, Queues

Farske a posted Sep 20, 14

So the game has been WAY more popular than Trion figured and we have all suffered. Queues, queues and more queues have hit us and many of us easily queue a cool 4-8 hours to even play the game.  Free2play players have been unable to even play and I feel for you guys.

We have agreed to advise new players to wait it out, play something else in the meantime and I have the perfect Alpha to try. Check out Albion Online here and get a key here. Pyran members only.

In the meantime those who were actually able to get on and play ArcheAge did a trade run today with the guild resources (image above). We should get a return of 20 odd gold ready to be invested into saplings for more wood.

If you are living in Pyran Village check out the threads on the forum about what we are growing, what our plans are and what we are up to next. Check the guild bank rules.

For new recruits we are still open to recruitment but we are now adding a minimum level requirement of 20. Check out the guild rules here, and apply here.

Happy queueing.

ArcheAge Launch!

Farske a posted Sep 16, 14

After taking the server by storm, Pyran are already starting to establish a strong presence with people attempting to hire us for trade runs and protection. In fact Pyran has already been hired for a logging protection operation, which was a success!

We have had a great time and we cannot wait for the new wave of players to join us in ArcheAge.

Check out the report for details on our guild village and other neat things, including our "Mutual Defence Pact" with our neighbours, another guild.

We have a few boats and a 100% success on trade runs across the sea. We've had many pvp run ins, established great locations for farms and made a crest ready to be applied to your gear and ships.

We are still open to recruitment, apply here, bring your friends.

Get on TS, remember the rules, and lets get playing!
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