Putting up a night for anyone interested in rolling a ladder character and testing out the new patch! Friday night <3 bring vodka, be on teamspeak.  This Friday 28th August - starting at around 20:00 GMT. 

You can view the patch notes here.

To the Pyran Tower!

Sozzals atag posted Aug 25, 15  -  allianceironforgepyran tower

As tradition dictates, we must pick a new home - somewhere in Ironforge.  On Thursday night we'll be having our very first guild meeting on Nostralius at 20:30 GMT (21:30 gametime).  Would be awesome if you all turned up so we can get a really nice screenie and also - you can give your input on where we set up base camp, i.e. where the next Pyran tower will be!

Note to new members: in the past, Pyran had "the pyran tower" which was a building in Orgrimmar (we used to play horde) where we met up for guild meetings and events.

All events are posted on the Events page and on Pyran Facebook.

Pyran v Pyran - HOTS Night

Sozzals atag posted Aug 19, 15
Running an event tonight (Wednesday 19th August) to celebrate the launch of the monk and the new map and the millions of class changes that Jim read out last night on TS.

We'll run some games of Pyran v Pyran for lulz and wins. Jump onto TS around 21:00 GMT if you're interested. Bring vodka.

For a couple of weeks now, a few of us have rolled on Nostalrius, PVP Vanilla realm.  The population boasts over 7000 which means that there's active world PVP everywhere.  If you enjoyed vanilla PVP, premades, 5 mans and the community, you are more than welcome to join us.

The server is 1x 

The server is highly populated

The pathing is excellent

The bugs are minimal

No pay to win - you can't pay for levels, special items, epix, etc., no voting

Current players: Jim, Sozz, Pidge, Uska, Chris, Aaki, Axm, Avatis (levels between 10-29 as of 18 August) and a few other dudes we've recruited ingame.

We have rolled on Alliance this time, for a bit of a change :)

Download here

Register here

Current class list

As part of Pyran, our main goals are to engage in active World PVP battles and to once again run battleground premades.  We don't plan on 40 man raiding in the immediate future, but we will be running pve/5 man dungeons, etc. to gear up.

Heroes of le Storm

Tzyx atag posted Apr 7, 15

Hello mighty Pyrans! Have spoken to some folks about this already, but figured we'd open it up to a wider audience in case anyone else wants to come (i know i think i missed a few whispers, sorry!). We're gonna do a l2p night for heroes of the storm on thursday 9th at 8 o clock.

I'll do some starter games with anyone that fancies it. Few things..

I'm pretty new too, so it won't be overly complicated.

Team Fabulous is gonna be a zero rageball zone. If you're gonna come along, please leave rage shoes at the door, can't be arsed with that :P We can mute randoms who are annoying. The whole moba community thing really put some of us off these games for a long while, would rather keep away from it myself.

If you've been playing a while and want something for more experience players, poke Farske, he's setting up a proper competitive team i think.

Obligatory image of most fabulous druid.

See you thursday :)