Last week we had a couple of surprises….


The first of which was Condemed, the Circle Warrior!

How did he become known as the circle warrior?

Condemed was recruited to main tank for us when we were clearing vanilla content on Feenix.  During a guild raid to Zul’Gurrub, Jim (Tzyx) had indicated to Condemed that in order to tank High Priest Venoxis, he must kite him around in a circle.  Instead of kiting Venoxis around the room in a circle, Condemed ran around Venoxis in a circle.  Following his heroic death and an epic raid wipe, Condemed henceforth became known as the circle warrior.

Condemed has been travelling around a bit during his absence, but is now settling back in South Africa.


The singing Spaniard, Dargol

The second surprise came on voicechat, from a Excalibur raider known as Dargol (Julian on discord).  Dargol was our very first alliance recruit on Excalibur, and one of the main reasons we opened up alliance recruitment.  We met him via a 5 man dungeon whereby we invited him along to voicechat.  Pyran fell in love with Dargol’s upbeat attitude and fabulous singing voice!  He left to pursue real-life goals and we’re glad to hear, is doing well in his new job in Madrid.

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