One of our old members contacted me (Nightelf warrior from Excalibur).  He’s made a really original game for Android called Picaton.  I haven’t seen anything quite like it before!

I’ll not beat around the bush – the game is difficult.  But I know all you oldschool gamer’s love a challenge so please, if you’re an android user, give it a go!  It’s free to download and he’d be most grateful if as many people as possible could try it.   It’s his first released game, so if you have any feedback – you can poke him on discord @Hyunkel#9412


What kind of game is it?

This is a “fast puzzle” game. it may feel very difficult at first try , but you will quickly get used to the game play and do amazing moves.

All you need to do is to merge with the correct bubbles to refill your ENERGY BAR.

Each level last 60 seconds.

You can pause the game by touching the bubble you control.

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