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I’m joined here today by Albi aka Judge Albeans aka Albeans aka Warlbi. He’s a man of many names.  Albi lives in Germany and is from the Excalibur era of Pyran.
Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Tell us Mr Beans, what was the very first game you remember playing?

Hi Sozz :3
Well that’s an easy one to answer: Nintendo World Cup for the Nes. One of the first memories I had was playing this game with my brothers. I think that makes it safe to say I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember.

What country’s team did you like to play the most?

Uff, no idea to be honest.
Since I lacked the ability to read.. and well… the ability to comprehend what was happening on the screen I now think I never actually played with my brothers.. they probably just handed me an unplugged controller and told me I was playing with them.. A technique my they used quite frequently to shut me up. (Can’t blame them tbh)
Have you ever played Star Fox Lylat Wars for the N64? During the single player you got NPC followers who fly through the screen every once in a while. I always “played” one of these NPCs and had the time of my life doing it 🙂


omg lol what is that even?

It’s like.. a scrolling shooter game.. it’s where that “do a barrel roll” thing comes from… has aged quite well for a 21 year old game

How has your taste in games evolved through the ages?

As a kid I pretty much played everything I could get my hands on. It’s not like a kid from a remote village had much of a choice back then.
My purchases were usually decided by which games cover art looked the coolest. Edgy guys with swords? That’s a buy!
Nowadays information, reviews and opinions about any potential game I might buy are countless.. you got Steam with it’s thousands of games, online stores with crazy sales… and yet.. now that I think about it..
I still mostly buy games with edgy guys holding swords.

I think the biggest difference is in how much time I want to invest in any given game. I got no interest in playing games like League of Legends, CS:go or Street Fighter as those are games that I either want to tryhard and get really good in.. or not play at all. Whereas when I was younger I just kinda played whatever was fun for me.

So what games are you currently playing? Where is Albi’s time being invested?!

Right now I’m in between games if you will. Finished Fire Emblem Echoes a few days ago, so now I’m itching for something with more action to it. ( I’m also very open for suggestions! )
At the moment the only games I’m playing regularly would be Diablo 2 and Smash Bros Melee – I’m practicing quite a lot, since next week I’ll go to my first tournament in almost two years .

Also pretty excited for Classic Wow… I’m planning to nolife the hell out of it once it releases – hopefully with Pyran and my trusty crimson sneek at my side 

Crimson snake means you must have won a Pyran Challenge at some point?

Yep, it was during one of the Excalibur-Wow challenges. Some might say I barely contributed to the team as I spent the better half of one challenge being trapped whilst “swimming” through the Nether. ( Fun fact – that’s what you can see in the :Warlbi: Emote on Discord )
By the time a GM freed my I was already too drunk to even remember the last couple challenges. But hey, no one said Pyran Challenges are fair, right?

What I do remember though, is the celebration party we held in Shattrath afterwards – I assume you know which one I’m talking about, Sozz? 🙂

A Feast of Giants.  This is when the GM’s came online and turned you into a gigantic gnome.
Pretty sure I still have the screenshots somewhere in one of the Pyran albums

What was your own initiation into Pyran like? What do you remember?


I started leveling an orc warrior on Excalibur, felt pretty alone and was just looking for company. I wasn’t actively looking for a guild, but after talking to Jim who was advertising at the time, I decided to give it a shot. Shortly after I found out that Excalibur wow features crossfactions, and due to a distinct lack of gnomes I knew I just had to reroll to a gnome – Warlbi was born. And with that began my descent to becoming the Excalibur-Pyran’s mascot / butt of many jokes / supreme gnome leader…. a position I enjoyed very much!

Tell us a little bit about IRL Albi.  Are you working or a student? Do you have any pets? Any other hobbies besides games? What colour underwear are you wearing right now?

I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life so I’m working as a teacher’s assistant in an elementary school, kids always liked me, so that’s quite fun. Not sure for how long I want to do this, not sure what I want to do afterwards.

I think normal – functional people should have quite the easy time talking about their Reallife.. I’m struggling a lot with it. I’m a boring, passionate nerd, there isn’t much to say :P.
Not even my underwear is worth mentioning. It’s grey, with stripes on it.. grey stripes. Just grey.. like a weird metaphor for my life or something…

Does that sound depressing?
It really isn’t, I’m actually quite the peachy guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously.
Got a small but close circle of friends, living happily with my girlfriend, got a job I enjoy, I’m young, healthy… no reason to be grumpy!


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