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Today I’m joined by the one and only Farske, who is a member from the WAR ONLINE era. Oldskool. Thanks for agreeing to chat to me today! Tell us what you remember about joining Pyran, what it was like “back in the day” of Warhammer and how you’ve been involved in the community, to date.

Eyup. No problem.
Well back in my day I was all hyped for Warhammer Online. I followed all of Paul Barnett videos with my mate Drazilek. We would talk about it often while at uni and decided to pick it up and play the shit out of it. Around the time of beta and development I started lurking on the forums and reading topics, snippets and hints. I decided I race to 30 and settled on a Black Orc.

The day came and launch was off. I played it hard and my relationship life was pretty shaky at the time so I remember my girlfriend back then really not being happy, but I was focused.

I remember meeting Kev and Boru as I ran about as a Black Orc and needed a healer. I think one of them played a shaman and they told me about their guild and Pyran. IIRC (hazy memory) there was kinda two guilds?
I signed up on the Pyran forums (old BB forum) and dragged Draz along. I recall jumping into an interview and joining very quickly.


I think I was a slow growth from a very Irish dominated chat at the time to coming out of my shell. I remember being the first Black Orc in the EU to hit 30 (max rank) and then spent all my time running about the lower areas ganking and holding the line.

One of my favourite memories was standing in a huge 3 hour battle with Pyran, healing me as I focused all my stats, build and gear into tanking in pvp. I just stood taking fire constantly from all the elves. I got my first hate mail in that game.


I remember in Pyran I supported the forum issues and recall replacing a skin on the old BB, doing simple headers and images when we needed it. Joined in with recruitment drives and very quickly settled in as a resident Pyran member.
Forums were checked near daily when I was at uni, and I’d often join TS or Vent (I think it may have been Vent) to chat.


I remember sharing my sexy stories about my times with the ladies as single and building new relationships.

Since then I have moved from game to game with the community, hopping in and out as my attention or time allowed it. I occasionally head up guilds and games. Ran different events and tried to keep Pyran on the map. Its what I love about Pyran. We are all equal as long as you follow the Pyran way and we can all push the community.

My memory and timeline is shockingly bad so things might get mixed up.

Man I LIVED for your sexy stories. I remember telling everyone to get on voicechat cos Farske was about to tell one of his sexy stories. I miss them! Back in the Warhammer days, we weren’t really big enough to be able to do all the content ourselves so we MERGED with another guild – the Bears which included Kev (boru), avi-bear, etc. Your memory isn’t as bad as you think! Good times though. I fucking loved that orc of yours, he was so beast. We’ll have to dig up some old screenies of him…

Tell us about your own gaming career – what you’ve played throughout the years and what you’re playing these days.

Whew. I got into gaming way back when my dad had a C64. He would play various games that I cant remember annnnnything about. I do recall the machine slowly making its way into my bedroom and when I got back from school I’d rush up, start loading a game, go downstairs to eat and pray the cassette didnt fail, if it didn’t after dinner I’d be good to play ๐Ÿ˜€

Then I recall having an Amiga 500 and 1200. I remember my dad hiding a few games from me in a precious box ontop of his wardrobe. I found Monkey Island and loved it, but never could play it properly.

I also remember playing Commander Keen, Doom, Duke Nukem, Worms, Roger Rabbit and other various games on the PC using MS Dos. That was the era of shareware. I have fond memories of playing that, and guilty memories of playing it and my dad coming back, giving me a gift of a new bag and me totally blanking him as I was playing on the PC. I remember catching his defeated look as he left the room, leaving me to it. It was a slow burn guilt.

Another game that is burned into my memory Spy Hunter, a game with amazing music where you’d drive a car. Me and my dad played that a lot.

Another game was when my dad got me a Bart Simpson game where mutant aliens attacked. I couldnt never beat the first level (platformer) and I remember raging out at him and seeing his face of dissappointment that I didnt like a game he got me. We played CoD4 loads since, so its all good.

I can remember editing files on the Amiga and learning basic code with my dad.

From the PC era I recall my dad getting the internet on his pc and me playing Age of Empires, Yahoo Chat T2 typing rpgs, Red Alert and other early games on Mplayer online spending hundreds on the dial up modem. That lasted maybe 2 months (an amazing few months though) before the bills hit and I was promptly banned big time from using the net.

I soon then got my own PC. No net. And would spend HOURS playing Total Annhilation in my room making prisons…. I would play against the computer. Kill them bar one metal extractor then I would spread across the map, get loads of resources and then build walls to establish prison walls. I had units as guards, then units as prisoners. Making my own endless hours of fun. Id also play the old Sim city and sim copter. Sim Hospital .. floaty head!

I remember having an image disc of Windows 95 for when I would destroy the system trying to edit files and graphics in the boot up. I learnt a lot back from endless trial and error.

I then went through various games with some key memories.

Age of Empires 2 “UD” clan I ran. A clan of about 5 people across the UK. We all had “undead names”, ghoul, zombies, vampire… etc

I remember playing Ultima Online for a hugeeeee chunk of my time. I joined the YLF roleplay group and shard and would do a lot of roleplay with people. I remember “falling” for some girl character who turned out to be a guy and that was my first “everyone is a guy” feeling when roleplaying online. Still.. good cyber back then ๐Ÿ˜‰
“Farske” was born back in UO.

I remember playing Subspace and then Infantry Online by Harmless Games. I played that for a huge chunk of my life and endlessly as my PC couldnt run the other new games coming out. I soon became an “eSports” reporter there, back before eSports wasnt called that. I would report on clan battles in the Skirmish League. I got my first robot art and text made for me in that game “Farske” in perfect dark font.
I then moved through game after game, catching up with whatever was popular at the time, playing many many releases. I was heavy into MMO, RTS and RPG at the time. To be honest as soon as 2000’s hit . I just played everything.


I had a small break from gaming before Warhammer Online came as my gf at the time wanted me to get rid of my PC… so I simply didnt replace it when it died. I had about 2 years of no games around 2006-08.


I now flit from game to game waiting for WoW Legacy Servers (as I see it as the next big Pyran resurgence).

Maybe… maybe I should cut my responses down. You dont want all this info right? ๐Ÿ™‚

My first “logo” made by the community for me in Infantry Online

Created: 25 โ€ŽNovember โ€Ž2012, โ€โ€Ž15:37:28
Ahaha. Awesome.


Aww I remember that sig! Nah, we love textwalls here – that’s what we use to keep our baths of naked orcs safe. I remember a lot of those old games you mentioned – we’re showing our age now Farske! XD Outside of gaming – what do you do for fun? I know you’re a big contributer to the UK LARP scene and I know people want to hear about that!

I’m a LARPer. Live Action Roleplay. I play in a few games, my favourite being Curious Pastimes. We have a few Pyraners and their lady friends who have been, or attend CP. You can even check out Youtube for some videos that they release each year of various battles, how tos, and general vids of larp. Very cool.
I also help run Green Cloaks, a sci-fi system thats kinda started like playing imperial guardsmen.. but its evolved since then. I run a faction and an event a year with GC.

LARP is immensly fun, like ad-lib ad-hoc acting, running a story while actually playing the characters. It keeps me fit, I really enjoy the physical side of fighting. It can be approached like a martial art.. cause if you cant actually hit people with your sword… your gonna have a baaad time. I pride myself as being one of the best. Overall LARP -really really- improved my life overall as it grew my confidence, destroyed my fear of public speaking, helped me learn how to lead, run events, logistics, people, creativity and it is immensly rewarding. I wish more of my friends tried it, yet its a hard “mental” barrier to break down. People fear what others think.

I currently play a Charr-like Beastman who is fairly new to the lands (as my last character died just after this interview started) and the beastman is hella fun. I’ll try source a pic.

LARP is different across the UK, EU, and Globe. I know US LARP can be very different and in the EU it is even supported by some governments. I first came into contact with LARP in uni and it was terrible. I’m super super glad I bumped into it again around 6-7 years ago.

Find a friend. Borrow some stuff. Let yourself go, buy into the make believe and you’ll wonder why more people do not do it!
Apart from LARP. I am running a long term DnD 5e campaign locally for friends. I also attend another game which my girlfriend runs.

If its not video gaming, dnd, boardgames or LARP. I tend to explore hobbies that suppor those things.. arduno (electronics) to make trinkets, wood burning and basic leatherwork to make kit.

Awesome pics. I love all the costumes, they’re fucking badass. . Tell us a bit about Farske outside of hobbies.

Cosplay and LARP. One easy way to compare is, costumes at a convention to pay tribute to a character or just simply show off ur baddassary is cosplay.

LARP costumes are unique characters, designed normally by yourself and all bits of the kit are required to be practical and hardy, You’ll be moving, living, fighting and rolling about woods, hills or whatnot for 3 days. At least. Thats the LARP I do.

Outside of hobbies. I live in South Wales, UK. Im not from Wales mind you. I moved here to live with my girlfriend. Also a gamer, larper, boardgamer and nerd. We live together with an amazing ridiculous cat. I’ve got on so well with Kiama simply because we have so many overlapping hobbies and at the same time, our own seperate areas of interest. She’s a publisher author and loves dissappearing into writing for the evening.

I don’t drink. Like the idea of the gym (I say idea, because I totally fail at going regular). I enjoy driving and designing projects for DIY then never following through with them ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont smoke, nor do I do drugs or weed.

What else. I know a few lovely Pyrans have spent time around my house, and I’ve been over to Ireland to get a wee poke from you Sozzals.ย  I’ve sat and played board games with Pidge and Uska. I’ve shared sausage rolls with Barry as we took a romantic stroll down a river. I hope to meet more, or do a meet up when it doesn’t clash with my LARP events ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m 6ft 3″. I’m 33. I’m English. I’m horrifically dyslexic and dyscalculus. I often see numbers, have to do maths and shut down. Some games break down to number games and I just can’t enjoy them. I remember I wanted to get into Gwent, but no. All maths. Most of the time I’ve built systems and work around stuff.

Wanna know anything specific?

I can get that must get really frustrating for some games – especially with everything being so min/max these days…
Specifics… Do you have a big family? What did you study? What do you do for work? Where have you travelled to?

Yeah, I tend to min/max still. I love taking that competitive edge and really trying to excel and tryhard when I play and focus on a game. I just tend to play the round up game to make mathing easier ๐Ÿ™‚

Family, yes, sister, brother, folks. They are all amazing and utter inspirations to me. I’m the oldest child.

Study, I went to uni and studied Zoology with the intention of becoming a vet down the line. After I went and volunteered for a week with a Rural Vet I decided pretty sharpish that the path of being a Vet was not for me.

Work, I run my own online businesses. I am part of a startup incubator, I work for a story mapping solution company and I have, my baby, a dating service for video gamers (mostly aimed at the US at this time). We have finally (recently) got to a point where we will be investing in marketing. Exciting.

Travelled. A lot of europe to be honest, general places to visit (mostly friends) and the occasional place for work. When doing my Zoology degree I did go over to Kenya to work for the KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) and tracked Elephants and Lions for 5 weeks. That was an eye opener for a young 18 year old. My life was changed a bit after the life and death situations I found myself in!

Tell us a sexy story.

I cant remember any sexy stories! Oh my.

The beauty of the sexy stories was my eagerness, new horizons and the fact I’d describe them and talk about them on comms. I’m afraid a written text just wouldn’t be good enough ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s a fair enough answer. Pick any 3 people in Pyran to be on your apocolypse survival team.

Dave, he is a monster focus machine so he’ll grind me the worlds supplies.
Boru/Kev as he’ll always keep me laughing and probably die first so its always good to have the guy in red.
Barry as I know he can fight, plus voice, i mean.. whats not to like about Barry

Lol, poor kev. I guess someone has to be cannon fodder though…. ๐Ÿ˜€
You’ve been a big part of Pyran now for many years, one of the household names we regularly throw around when we talk about the good ol’ days. Why have you stuck around so long?

I joined a guild to play Warhammer Online. Then I realised i had made a new group of friends. we moved from game to game, loving and enjoying the vibe, ppl and community. It attracted like minded people and at times helped me out in life for just having friends i could access each night. Slowly over time it was clear Pyran was a community and I wanted to give back. I offered to help run and organise stuff and it just kept giving. Now i feel like a long term member of a long term community regardless of games.
I know that when games and life aligns next, we’ll all be there again and Id hate to miss that.

Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview.

No problem. I feel my interview was less memes and more interview… Where are my stupid questions? ๐Ÿ™‚


Sorry I didnโ€™t get any community questions in guys โ€“ if you have any questions youโ€™d like to ask Farske, you can ask them here!!


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