The idea behind Team Fabulous was to create a pool of players who wanted to progress together in Heroes of the Storm in an environment free of salt, misery and rage.


If you’ve played any MOBA ever, you’ll have experienced toxicity in random encounters with other players. Heroes of the Storm is no exception, and it seems like the higher a level you reach and the better you become at the game, the worse this problem becomes.


There’s been numerous articles written by experts, coaches, pro-players explaining that toxicity is entirely counter-productive to winning. Being toxic to a player during a game, even in response to someone initiating the toxicity not only distracts you and the person being toxic from the game, but can spill over and affect your other team mates as well causing a downward spiral to loss. We’ve all seen it happen.


Aside from wanting to win though, playing with toxic people is NOT a fun experience for anyone, and this is just a game, after all. We’re here to improve our game and work together as part of a team, while enjoying the experience.


And so, Team Fabulous was born.



The Team Fabulous logo and theme song truly captures the essence of the team… we want to be maximum fabulous but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our Current Pool of players includes:

Tzyx (Jim) – Team Fabulous Captain, Shotcaller, Offlaner, Tank

The voice of Team Fabulous, Tzyx is a hardcore spreadsheet nerd who loves nothing more than to minmax his builds. He is a 33 year old software engineer who is from Wales, grew up in England and now lives in Northern Ireland!


Latest personal achievements:
Going from a 20% win rate on Kael’thas to over 60%. Why did he do this? Well, he really loves the hero and he believes that everyone should be able to play at least one mage, reasonably well. So he worked hard on his KT gameplay and it really shows that playing one hero repeatedly can make you awesome at it.


Current hero pool: Sonya, Y’rel, Mal’thael, Johanna, Muradin, Junkrat, Kael’thas



Mikana (Dan) – Team Fabulous Tank, Bruiser


Mikana is still relatively new to the game, but like Tzyx, strives to improve himself by reading articles, watching streams, watching proplay and staying up to date with the meta. He is known in the team as the “WARCHIEF!” because he loves nothing more than “getting picks” on one of his favourite heroes, Garrosh.


He is a 31 year old software engineer from Northern Ireland.


Latest personal achievements:
Being still quite new to the game, Dan is currently learning how to lead the team around on a tank.


Current hero pool:
Garrosh, Johanna, Diablo, Muradin, Dehaka, Blaze


Theory (Swefriend) – Team Fabulous Mage, ranged carry


Theory, our Swedish scientist, is just coming back into the game after a long break period. He’s known in the team as the boss of combos and big plays, generally favouring heroes who can kill multiple heroes at once.


You’ll find him at the back of the team, squealing for heals and peels. Theory is well-known in the Pyran community as being one of the more “hardcore” players and is constantly trying to find ways to up his game.


Latest personal achievements:
Learning to master Kel’thuzad.


Current hero pool:
Kel’thuzad, Kaelthas, Jaina, Chromie, Hanzo, Valla, Cassia


Sozzals (Sozz) – Team Fabulous Support


Hailing from Northern Ireland, Sozz has been playing Heroes since early HOTS Beta. She plays pretty much all Support heroes well and the team can always rely on her to be wandering around the backline throwing out those heals!


Latest personal achievements: 
Learning to play the newest support, Deckard Cain.


Current hero pool:
Stukov, Reghar, Cain, Lili, Malfurion, Uther, Zarya

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