Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Pyran Challenge! We hope you had fun. Congratulations to the winners, “Boob Hammock” who consisted of Albi (Capt.), Dunkan, Pidge and Uska.

Well done to the other teams “Strider is Captain” and “TEAM ONE STOLE IT WE GET BONUS POINTS“. It was a close game!

Please enjoy these magnificent works of art from the Pyran drawing round where participants were asked to draw themselves dressed up as a hooker. Let’s see if you can guess who’s who?


Team “Boob Hammock” – the winners of the August 2018 Pyran Challenge – consisted of Albi, Dunkan, Pidge and Uska
Team “Strider is Captain” consisted of Strider, Onetroll, Fixel and Grighton. #3rd place 


TEAM ONE STOLE IT WE GET BONUS POINTS – consisted of Haggis, Crashie, Hertog and Michaka #2nd place

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