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It’s been a while since the last interview so I thought I’d give y’all something to read since Crashie’s taking fucking ages with the Tamtoe interview (probably trying to squeeze the last bit of drama from that dalaran server) and Grighton’s interview has taken almost three months.

So, what’s everyone up to?

I’ve been hanging around on Pyran discord and Facebook to find out, like the filthy lurker I am.



This channel has seen an increase in activity as Blizzard have just released a new expansion which many people have dived into. BfA (Battle for Lorderon) is the 7th expansion for World of Warcraft and includes:


=== Major/Core Features ===

  • Level 110 – 120 (10 levels total)
  • Heart of Azeroth (end-game progression 2.0)
  • 2 New Continents – Zandalar and Kul’Tiras (6 Zones Total)
  • “Small World-Revamp” 
  • 6 new Allied Races (“Sub-Races”)
  • Island Expeditions (3-player dynamic scenario)
  • Warfronts (20-player cooperative faction raid)
  • Builds upon and uses Legion introduced systems (World Quests, Level/Zone Scaling, Server Sharding, etc).

=== Classes === 

  • Class Raid Buff Abilities Returning

=== PvE/PvP === 

  • 10 Dungeons
  • 1 Raid (1 more known to be added)
  • 2 new Arenas
  • 1 new Battleground 

=== Other === 

  • Leveling Improvements 




Mephisto is coming to Heroes of the Storm.  Team Fabulous are a little de-synced at the moment with Theory being “afk” (hanging out with his GF in Sweland) and Dan being on the Warcrack, but Jim and Sozzals still play, every day – welcome to join us folks!



For those of you who haven’t noticed – we run an Ark server and a Conan Exiles server.  Chris posted a sexy pic of his latest Conan Exiles slaves, and other than that – it’s been fairly quiet on the survival front.  Folks are also excited about a new Norse-themed survival game called Rend which is currently out on Early Access.  

Rend is a hybrid survival game and summons players to align with one of three factions before they’re dropped into a beautiful, but brutal fantasy world where they must strategically team up with other players and friends to battle enemy creatures and rival factions in a relentless, competitive race.  

It’s got pretty mixed reviews on Steam so far so, I’ll probably wait a while – see how it pans out. 



This week saw Farske, Pidge and Haggis reflect on how great Vanilla was and how cross-server basically ruined everything as the social component of forming a local community of people you knew  was entirely lost. 

Haggis, Dave and Strides discussed why they were enjoying the latest WoW expansion.



Jim and Grouse had a chat about dealing with xenophobic races in Stellaris.  Crashie expressed interest in a game called Iron Harvest.  I went and had a look and it appears to be an RTS set in the alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War.

Features include:



Pyran would like to offer it’s congratulations to Ravnos and Scribbles on their engagement.  They had their engagement party at the weekend, attended by Haggis.  Here’s a sexy selfie of the couple.

Some weird giant puppets came to Fixel’s town and he got very excited.  He posted some pretty cool media to the Pyran Facebook page.

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