What’s been happening the past week or so in the Pyran Community?


Kilts Kilts Kilts

Have you seen Haggis’ sexy knees?  Pyran members have valued Haggis’ knees as being equivalent to 10 baths of naked orcs.

Haggis, some random dude we don’t know and Ravnos


As our inhouse market analyst rightly points out……


The conversation continued as Onetroll sought advice from @scots on purchasing a kilt.  Some days later, people were still talking about kilts.

Kilts – a popular topic this week

Pyran T-Shirts

We released our very first ever merchandise this week to help fund the annual website and game server hosting costs.  Admittedly, the first attempt didn’t turn out perfect, but we learn from our mistakes.  The graphic on the t-shirt turned out to be a bit pixelated.  I contacted the company…


click to enlarge

So if you are one of the

click to enlarge and download

people who ended up with a pixelated shirt, you can contact

StreetShirts support here.   They might ask you to supply a new image – so here’s a high quality one for you to attach.  Thanks to Pidge for designing the logo and Barry for making it bigger.

A new version of the shirt (hopefully less pixelated) is available to purchase here.  


Now that that bit’s over – please enjoy some of our sexy Pyran members sporting the new merch.


Here’s what the average Pyran member gets up to on a Wednesday…..


Fixel also posted a pic of where he works…

Since Fixel makes metal chips, the topic strayed onto the conversation of what metal tastes like.  (????) 


Yep, slow week folks. 


What have people been playing this week?  

Two-point hospital got released so there’s been a lot of folks playing that to reminisce the good old days of Theme Hospital.  

Pidge has been having some super chilled out evenings playing House Flipper – a game where you redevelop a property to sell for profit. 

The usual HOTS has been happening on a nightly basis, usually in Jim’s Grove or Barry’s Friend Hole.   Join to play games!

Jim and Sozzals spent too much time during/over the weekends, playing Stellaris and going to bed at 4am, that now (cuz old) they’re super tired.

Michaka is looking for buddies to play Realm of the Mad God

Hit him up on discord or facebook if you’re interested!

The Warcrack addicts are still at large as they continue to enjoy the latest expansion.  You can catch up with them here…

or in the Pyran Community Blizzard chat. Need an invite? Add me Sozzals#2306

IRL News

It was Tamtoe’s birthday this week, so we’d like to wish him many happy returns.

Farske and Trollface did some larping this week – still waiting on the pics


There’s been a lot of chat about Pokemon as twitch continues to stream every pokemon episode and film.

Petting Corner Tribute

Here’s some of the cutest Pyran pets from this week…

See you next week!


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