Greetings beautiful Pyrans – what have we been up to over the past couple of weeks?

Community News

Pyran T-Shirt Competition

Time for some #drama AMIRITE?

Crashie, the Pyran Interrogation Officer made some very serious allegations about the Pyran T-shirt competition that was launched earlier in the month.

Turned out, we weren’t hacked by Putin – Crashie was just trying to get the t-shirt for himself…. a whistleblower from inside the Pyran admin team released this shocking string of private messages


In the end though, the Pyran t-shirt competition was won by Haggis.  He opted to give his t-shirts away to someone who didn’t have one so both Mutant and Chris will each get a sexy tshirt in the post (when I get off my arse and post them!).

Here’s our boi Fixel sporting the 001 limited edition pixel version.


Fixel and his sexy muffs


Welcome Back Warfock

You might remember Warfock from back in the Feenix days where he played a warlock.  Wee Scottish lad – applied to join Pyran but was rejected due to only being 17 years old. What we loved about him was his honesty. He didn’t lie to get in.  

He continued to tell me that he went onto study and work in pharmaceuticals (legal word for DRUG MAKER) and lose loads of weight and get a gorgeous girlfriend.   

What a success story! Check him out, he’s a hottie.

 Now he’s old, like us, he’s become a fully-fledged member of Pyran! Yay! You will see him lurking around discord, say hi! He’s bi, Chris. 

Gaming News

Farske with some FPS news…

Jim is still exploring the MOBA genre and looking for people to play League of Legends with.  He’s recently enjoyed playing with Avenar and Michaka’s LOL group. 

In case you missed it, UncleSausage posted a really entertaining review of Conan Exiles

The new Diablo 3 season started on Friday.  Some people are playing it. 

General Chatter

The topics of conversation varied wildly from spirit pokemon to beard advice. 

D&D Pervs

Pidge, decided to record every time she heard someone in Pyran use rude euphemisms in the duration of their Dungeons & Dragons session – hosted by DM Uska.  It yielded some hilarious results!!!!!!<<<



Dino Stickers

As y’all know, Pidge recently started another Etsy shop called “Ice-Cream Cat” and she started selling these super cute stickers.  Scribbles, being a big dino fan, bought some of the little dino stickers and this is how they look….

Kilts and Bumming

Fixel found some scottish dudes in a museum in Hackenburg.

He also posted some naughty pictures in #general from a sex show. Requests filed in to have it streamed. Complaints filed in that it wasn’t in #willies channel. 

Please remember to post NSFW content in #willies channel people!

While we’re on the topic of bumming, Facebook gave me this helpful suggestion.



Everyone’s favourite topic (after kilts). 

Warfock desperately needs advice on how to grow a beard and have a girlfriend at the same time.  Turns out his SO isn’t a beard fan. 

“I mean I do love her but she’s really killing my dream of becoming a Viking, n not letting me live it you understand right??”

He sought advice from the only people in Pyran who know how to beard, the @Vikings.

The vikings were sat around the longtable drinking ale and gambling, it would take something more to get their attention.

The beard alarm was raised, Jim, the Pyran Beard God heeded the call for aid. 

Below you will find the scriptures written by Jim, the Pyran Beard God, on

“how to grow a beard when your girlfriend doesn’t like beards”.


While we’re on the topic of beards, I felt it appropriate to record these as possible future projects and as a sample of just how crazy Eledora is.

Cool Pix

Grouse posted a picture of the forest near his home in Sweland, post-storm.

Simon (DJ: UnlikeOthers) – or “Singularity” on discord, a man of many names, posted some cool pictures of his guitar and the studio where he produces his music. 


Grouse celebrated his birthday this month on 7th September.

If you google “grouse” and “boobies” – this is what you get.

Ravnos also had a birthday on September 9th and he got the best present….Scribbles in a trekkie outfit!!  The Pyrans had this to say about it…


Pyran Pets

Your fortnightly intake of all the cutest Pyran pet pics from the last couple of weeks. 

Finally, Avenar’s weekly notice brings a special reminder to us all. 

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