Welcome to another edition of the Pyran Newsletter, and what a busy fortnight we’ve had folks!


We’re going to start off with a fabulous rendition of Tog’s rendition of Irish folk song “Tell me ma”

Click here for the original.  I thought it was pretty epic!

We have some really talented and creative people in Pyran.  In case you missed them on discord last week, here’s some drawings Pidge shared from her personal sketchbook….

Obviously inspired by the oversized nipples, Warfock came up with this theory on Kylo Ren…

People spent a really long time talking about the implications of marketing fake bacon.  I’m not even going to post screenshots of that.

Grd posted this amazing video of a “newly erected” penis-shaped building in China

Grouse found this image of the building looking a “bit cold”


The last weekend in September was a busy one, as my mum wasn’t very well and I had to spend most of my time looking after her and Jim (Tzyx) was in Liverpool partying with all the male members of my family (see photo below).  Special thanks to Pidge and Barry who looked after y’all in the interim.

Tzyx and Grd


Celicious (Delicious) reminded us all that Winter is Coming soon, with this chilling picture of his surroundings.

Pidge and Uska headed off on holiday last week, naturally, everyone was concerned for Ben’s safety during this time…

Barry has a major life decision to make, perhaps you can help? or offer some advice?



We’ve had some great games on HOTS over the past couple of weeks with fabulous people joining us including Farske, Barry, Dunkan, Avenar, Theory and Trollface.  Now that Team League allows for party’s of any size to queue, the quality of games has gone up significantly as more people seem to pick sensible drafts.  



Strides posted this scathing review of BfA.

Tamtoe responded with his own views on BfA.



Hertog and Michaka got some great news last week…

The next day, they got the update that they finally found a place to live together!! Congrats guys and we wish you health and happiness in your new home.


Scribbles and Ravnos expanded their furry family by one, say hello to their new kitten, Bella.



Birthday wishes to our fav ruslock, Grighton.



Here’s all the cutest Pyran pets from the last fortnight

We end our newsletter with positive messages captured over the last fortnight!

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