November has been off to a high-octane start.

Firstly congratulations to Hertog for winning the Rotterdam Zombie Walk competition!  We think her costume was very convincing indeed.



After some poking and prodding, Celicious offered up a beard pic to the pyran discord gods, and hell – people – we were NOT disappointed.


Stompy made a somewhat unusual request in response…..

Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of Eledora, so Crashie had to improvise…

Farske, being an upstanding member of the community, dressed up as an orc for Halloween, in order to scare trick or treating children.






Haggis had this to say in response.

Crashie, getting his two-cents…

Blizzcon happened.  It did.  Although, most of us probably want to forget it ever did.

It wasn’t all bad news.  Peeps were hyped for the Warcraft 3 remaster.  But we shalt not speak the words “diablo mobile” in a serious tone.  I’ll just say one thing….

There’s always one, right?…

TLDR of Blizzcon:

Destiny 2 was also made “free” to PC users.  But as Dave rightly pointed out…

Moving onto more community-based news, and old Feenix players will be pleased to see the return of Betsy.

Betsy came along with some big news…

Pyran members (members of the COB [cult of Ben]) spent the next several hours trying to convince Betsy to name his child, Ben.

People in England celebrated Guy Fawkes night, which originates from some dudes failing to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605.

I went on a trip to the dentist last week and found out that I’m in need of a Root Canal.

Talking about dentistry naturally led onto the discussion of drugs.  Grighton, our resident drug expert, had this warning for anyone considering taking or trying opioids!

But as Eledora rightly pointed out…


Pyran would also like to issue a warm WHALECUM back to our lovely Feenix warlock, Janice (Sanice).

Looks like the announcement of vanilla is dredging up some of our lovely old players!

One of the hottest topics of the last week or so has been the announcement of a new live-action Pokemon movie called “Detective Pikachu”

Most people seem relatively hyped for it, if not a little disgusted at how Mr. Mime looks.

Lastly, Pyran would like to welcome Gardiad the Bunny Lord (official pyran title) to Pyran.  Gardiad was introduced through Farske as a Heroes of the Storm player and has made a gorgeous addition as Team Fabulous’ Flex.

Here’s your fortnightly rundown of the cutest Pyran pets.

The last newsletter ended with a vote on the next Pyran Challenge, but since only six people voted, I won’t bother running one until 2019.


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