This week on Pyran, Warfock asked the all-important question…

Here are some of the responses…






Now that we’ve confirmed that Haggis will stick his face into literally any crotch, we’ll move onto the next topic – dating advice from Pyrans.  My advice is to never take dating advice from Pyrans, we have no fucking clue what we’re doing.

People started talking about kilts again, but I’m not posting any more kilt convos.  I’m pretty sure kilts rates somewhere in the Top 5 Most Discussed Topics in Pyran along with World of Warcraft, penises, beards and Ben.  Instead, I’ll post this sexy image of Warfock in a kilt.

Get Ready for the Weekend!

Here’s what some people got up to the past few weekends…

I shared an old memory that some of the older people in the community might remember….

Pyran discussed musical tastes.  We have a very eclectic mix of tastes in the community, but everyone (except Crashie) agrees that Country and Western is shit.

Scribbles is currently learning to drive a motorbike so, stay off the roads in Scotland.

We discuss the real topics here in Pyran that affect everyday people like you and me.  Recently, I shared something very close to my heart, a personal pet-hate of mine, if you will.

The Pyran Warlock Society (PWS) came up with this genius business plan to make us millions.

Any media enquiries on the new Pyran toothpaste can be sent directly to Pidge.

While we’re on the subject of peens, we’d like to wish Warfock a fast recovery from his recent peen operation.    To those with peens – get them checked out by a health professional if you notice anything unusual.   You only have one peen in this life.

Last week, our beloved Threefour did something really silly.

He chopped his beard off.

In Pyran, chopping your beard off is like chopping your peen off.  Only members of the PWS are permitted to partake in such treachery.  I guess it was for a good cause though..


Since Threefour made the silly mistake of posting a face-on pic to Pyran #General, I decided to have some fun in an online makeover.


Gaming, oh yeah, we’re a gaming community.  

Steam’s new card game, Artifact, has come out.  Some people have been playing that.  I might lose limbs if I don’t mention it so, check out the #strategy channel if you want to get involved with that.

We tried the Legends of Aria free beta weekend. It sucked.

In #world-of-warcrack we talked about how much we all wanted to bang Gul’dan and the recent class poll results are in.  Looks like we’ll need to recruit more rogues.  Never thought I’d type that.

This week, there will be no petting corner – as the next edition of the Pyran Newsletter will feature the winner of the prestigious best pyran pet 2018 award.





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