Hello you sexy fuckers

I hope you all had a fabulous and festive Winter Solstice and enjoyed spending time with your families.


So what are you doing for the New Year?

If you haven’t made any plans, Jim and I are inviting you to come and hang out with us for the evening, on discord.

Starting from 21:00 GMT and running up to midnight GMT, we will hanging out, running some fun browser games, drawing penises on isketch, all the usual Pyran shenanigans you’ve come to expect… but with a New Year Countdown on the hour, every hour, as 2019 passes over the Earth.

The red dots indicate the passing of New Year in the different time zones

Even if you have made plans, drop by and say hi! We would love to hear your sexy voice!!

Join Pyran Discord RIGHT NOW!

I wanted to apologise for my personal absence in the past few weeks. A few of you have reached out to me for support, or just to chat or to hang out, or to play games and I haven’t been around, so I’m sorry about that. My mum was recently diagnosed with vascular dementia and I’ve been trying to deal with that, both mentally and physically. If anyone in the community has any experience of dementia, please, reach out to me, share your XP. ¬†–¬†Sozzals

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