It’s that time again. Like snakes, we shed our skin and we reflect on the year we’ve had and look forward to another. With this in mind, I set out to ask some of our members what their resolutions were, what plans they’d made for the year and what games they would be playing in 2019!

Here are some of the responses.

I dont make new years resolution, no games really planned this year. been back into runescape and plan to get back into vanilla when its out 🙂 whats new with me? ive now moved to uk and am working in a dead end job with a pharma company 😛




New Years resolutions? Losing even more weight, buying a water rower, being an awesome captain in my new relationship. I don’t know what I will play to be honest. Didn’t touch my computer in over 30 days now (not even moved it into my newly renovated nerd-room, so it’s standing unconnected on the atic…). To busy with my new girl friend. But I think, I might give WoW Classic a try! I was hyped as fuck and even played the demo.


I dont really formalize resolutions tbh. planning to climb a 7 difficulty in summer and get body fat down to around 14% My life is pretty monotone atm – got a double promotion in october so work is interesting and good. had some bad chain of illnesses but hopefully ill be back on track. ill be playing retail and classic, some dota and civ i think. ive got a bucket list of games but in no rush to cross it off


Dont think i got a new years resolution, and not much is new with me, same old boring stuff, and ill prolly be playing diablo 2, path of exile, warhammer 2, dota 2, so alot of things with 2 in the title

We are all potatoes
being a potato would be nice
wouldnt need to pay taxes
sleep all day in a dark cozy places


Oh I’m the most boring person on the planet, Soz – you know that 😀 No there’s nothing.. same old, same old. I’m not even playing anything atm.. Just being super hyped for classic – still trying hard to find out what I want to play once it’s out but hey- if I come up with something funny, i’ll let you know


In all honesty I haven’t put much thought into new years resolutions but I’m finally starting to get out of the financial hole ive been in for years and by the end of the month I should have my car working properly again, it started for the first time in 3 and a half years just before christmas, so I guess the plan for the year is to get out and do more of what I/we want to do rather than just working all the time.. As far as what I’m playing at the moment, I’ve mainly been sticking to single player stuff recently as I haven’t had time for anything serious, right now I’m working through Subnautica which is hands down the best survival game I’ve played in years. I’m really looking forward to the Warcraft 3 remaster so that will be on the to do list for sometime this year. I haven’t totally decided if I’m jumping on the Wow classic band wagon yet but we’ll see when the time comes.



MY Resolutions:

1) Save money for future living.

2) Learn something new on Youtube everyday

What is new? Im largely playing Battlefield V and waiting for Classic WoW


I don’t really make new year’s resolutions…but I guess I want to achieve long standing things that I’ve wanted to but never got round tolike learning to drive, and studying properlythat’s about as much as I can think ofas for playing in 2019, Classic WoW with the MIGHTY PYRAN ofcand who knows what else


I havent made any specific new year’s resolutions as I fuck all of them up eventually and just end up angry with myself.UhIll be playing ScreamingInfant 2019 this yearis a cool gamethey saycant play games all that much, ill do my best to join yall on retail.


Heyo! Not much new with me I’m afraid. I don’t make new years resolutions! I find the idea a bit weird to be honest. Not too sure what I’ll be playing this year but I’m looking forward to Resident Evil 2 remake, WoW classic and Beyond good and evil 2, whilst keeping an eye on both Anthem and Ashes of Creation



I don’t really have resolutions. I have plenty of goals though, but I guess the big thing is the weight thing. I’m seeing doctors and dietitians and other experts to help me get a handle on my man handles. I don’t have a specific goal about that for 2019, other than finding an everyday routine that sets me on the right track. I really want to travel somewhere in 2019, I’m not sure if or where yet though as it’ll largely depend on how much money I end up being able to save up. I want to hike up to Abisko and/or see the northern lights, but that’s more of a winter thing and I don’t think I’ll have the money or training to do that just yet. I might end up settling for a week in Germany for gamescom and sights-seeing. We’ll see. This won’t happen in 2019, but I really want to get involved some kind of teaching or knowledge sharing about programming and games development for kids and students, so my resolution for 2019 is to figure out how to make that happen. And of course, lest we forget, my resolution is to have an absolutely awesome time with all of you in classic come summer. I’ll be taking 3-4 weeks vacation around summer time, it’ll require a whole lot of willpower from my end to make sure some of it gets spent on travel, visiting family, and exploring Sweden, instead of just playing WoW with you all.


I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions why wait to make a resolution is my snobby philosophy. Nothing especially new with me carrying on with my studies, getting more involved with local Vancouver groups for tabletop Warhammer, going to the gym and playing retail wow casually. Games I hope to play in 2019 are Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Death Stranding and Iron Harvest are the first to come to mind. Particularly Sekiro.


My resolution is to get my own place and have a job in the art world…. nothing much just painting new pictures…. and i will be playing wow classic… anthem.. doom enteral… gears of war 5… rage 2… crackdown 3… and cyberpunk 2077 if its out this year


Mostly just fix my health problems. Been having severe lower back pain and wrist pain for months now back and forth, but haven’t had money for health insurance until lately, so finally gonna get that sorted. Also finally be able to go and seek professional help for my anxiety/depression would be nice. Other than that, not much that’s new. We rescued a puppy from Greece a month ago. Won climbing shoes in a climbing competition. And not sure what I’ll play for the rest of the year, but for now I’m relaxing in OSRS


Same one I make and fail miserably at every year – be less of a fat cuntI believe nothing is new with meI’ve been so busy since October with the shops that I really haven’t played a whole bunch of games I had lined up for the holidays. I’m now hoping to get round to them after Valentine’s day (cause busy with that now). I always play Hearthstone, doing the dailies if nothing else. I intend to flip more houses, planning on playing Payday with 3 guys using Oculus Rift who are all much better than me (hoping me playing normally might even it out lol). Need to get back to Two Point Hospital (but it’s the kind of game you wanna play for at least a couple hours in a sitting so no time for that in ages). Got the TD game you guys got me to check out. I’ve also got 3-4 games I bought in the summer sale and Life Is Strange 2 to get round to.


Mew years resolution…. I really havent made Any tbh

And whats new… Nothing much really… Me and the misses are using alot of our time trying to find a House, were just to damn picky… Nothing is good enough ! I mean… Did u know that houses aint sold with a personal butler? And playing.. Wow dalaran untill Classic comes out… Then im gonna made a paladin and gang every pyran member out there… Qummy more than anyone!Ye i know i know

Well ive just lost my beard so i Will grow it back for when we start Classic!


Yeah I made some New Years resolutions other than the regular ones of lose weight blah blah, I’ve determined too myself I want to be able to do a backflip is ridiculous as that is! Not much decided too work on going back to Uni maybe get a better job ANTHEM , Sekiro, DMC5, Code Vein , Biomutant many many more 2019 looks like it’ll be cracking for games tbh!


May be a bit cheesey but I have a few:- – Work more on defeating agoraphobia – Get into an art programme – Finish writing my book – Lose at least some weight – To fully realise my place in this world

Not much is new with me, and I’m hyped for the new Metro game, Rage 2 aannd hopefully doom Eternal to play this year


New years resolution is to run a half marathon this summer

not sure what I’ll play, hoping for mount and blade bannerlord and pyranwow those are the two first that come to mind


I have made maybe not resolutions, but just some #lifegoals. . Learning to code, running more tabletop RPGs, introducing more people to the world of tabletop and getting my fitness back on track.
Personally I’m fine! Waiting for my new job to finally start, been waiting for ages due to delays in paperwork.
As for games? Pff, Im not keeping my hand on the pulse of steam releases… Im just bored of early access games and hype that dies down after a couple of weeks. My passion is tabletop RPGs so probably keep running them!


i was gonna either stop drinking and smoking or make it to pyran interview officerso that got resolved real quick


My only focus is to get my health issues gone or managed. I’m playing Minecraft on the LG server I’ve got some Parkitect to play and looking forward to division 2 if it’s ok and hoping anthem doesn’t suck as it’s looking like it might


I don’t really do new years resolutions, just kind of make vague plans! This year on my list i have learn moar dota, play through wasteland 2 and the new battle bro’s patch. got promoted woo! Had a nice christmas with soz, have new grey bits in my beard. Good times.


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