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If you stay up to date with world current affairs, you might feel that 2019 has felt pretty “doom and gloom” so far, between mass shootings, brexit and environmental disasters…

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of negativity, so this week, we’ve been asking folks:

What game do YOU play to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling down in the dumps?

Here are some of the responses. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply and remember, if you are feeling low, your Pyran family is always here for you.

Just reach out.


Sadness doesn’t really affect my choice of games – stress does though. And in that case I got more of a go-to genre: Tower defense! It’s pretty hard for me to find a tower defense game I don’t enjoy… Probably played through most in browser-TD games you find online at this point. As to why.. I guess because they’re usually quite superficial yet they keep you on your toes and don’t allow your mind to wander too much.


my go to game when im sad is oxygen not included cause i can make a colony of weird people that see me as their god cause they depend on me


Ōkami; The charm of the water colour & woodcarving of the Ukiyo-e Japanese art style as well as the games soundtrack combine with an incredible and engaging story with roots in Japanese mythology all of this comes together to create an incredible heart-warming gameplay experience in a world you can get lost in. To add to this Ōkami takes gameplay inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series, another go to that I gravitate towards when I’m feeling down.


Kind of a hard question, I think it depends what I’m sad about, two things that comes up is diving into work (being productive makes me feel better about myself). Second is going for a walk, walking helps me process thoughts and figure stuff out.


Two Point Hospital or Euro Truck Simulator. Something I can play with some music on.

But I’m not actually sure that’s true. I tend to do something other than game when I’m sad.


Actually I find it hard to play games for a long time when I’m depressed, just can’t get into it, so watching something usually helps a bit better, or talking to people. But if I had to choose, there would be a couple of options. Not specific games, but kinds of games, like an MMORPG (WoW) is usually great as long as I have people to play with. I can immerse myself in the world and just talk to and play with people to make me not even think about the real world. Then the other option is mechanically intensive games, like an fps such as Overwatch, or fighting games, where if I get really into the idea of trying to get good, I get obsessed with that and think about nothing else so it’s pretty good for distracting me too!


I don’t really have a specific game, but I would gravitate to something really immersive that I could get lost in and forget about the real world.


i dont really have too many like this since i dont generally like playing games on my own anymore but theres 2 games i will play: games like Anno and Stardew Valley. Anno games are just amazing chain supply games that can gobble hours in what feels like minutes and i really enjoy logistic games for that reason. As for Stardew Valley, that game is incredible, one of my favorite games: believeable characters, relaxing music and all while farming, mining and fishing the day away, its crazy that only one guy made it, its so good. I still havent played it multiplayer yet (hint, hint) but ive heard its good.


This is a tough question as I have not needed such a game for a long time. But there are some games I struggle to play when I am unfocused. As such I think Ark would be my goto game to relax. I also had a couple of weeks with stardew valley which I think everyone would feel relaxed too but its such a known title at this point anyway


The Sims 4, because I can completely control characters actions when I can’t control my own


I don’t think I have one, but if I had to pick I think it’d have to be either Journey or Flower – both of those games are just pure joy


DOTA 2 and WoW because they just let me get out of my own head for a while and then it makes me realise that what was keeping me down/sad isnt the end of the world


SOZZALS HELLO. Isn’t this exciting? Oh my goodness what a question?! My go-to game when I’m feeling sad is… tabletop RPGs. I love rolling dice, I love roleplaying with friends and I adore creating worlds and writing tales. If however that’s not available (because it’s kinda tricky to pull out a roleplaying group at 10pm on a school night) I will probably turn to Kerbal Space Program. I’ve rediscovered it and I love tinkering, launching rockets, optimising trajectories, assembling satellites.. and… crashing into mountains because I forgot to attach parachutes…


My fav game is sleeping

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