So I got a message during the week from our fellow Pyran, Kekoa and he has put together a fabulous little competition for y’all with an awesome prize!

Hello Fellow Pyrans

A good friend of mine is the Q&A at Chucklefish and has a free copy of Wargroove on steam to give away!

“Wargroove is a Nintendo Wars-style turn-based tactics video game in which players explore maps and battle foes.

[1] Players can choose to take control of one of fifteen commanders, each with their own campaign, motivations and personality”

So onto the competition!

We would like you to write a “Ben the cat goes on an adventure” story!

It doesn’t have to be any complex, as long or as short as you’d like you just have to send Ben on his very own grand adventure, please don’t worry too much about grammar or spelling mistakes (Its not an Exam!) You can include pictures, although you’ll have to provide external links since we have no upload facility on the website.

Your judges for this fun little contest are; Myself, Pidge, Sozzals and Shu (The Q&A), with the best entry winning a copy of Wargroove!
The competition closes on Tuesday 30th April at Midday GMT.

Enjoy, have fun and take yourself and Ben on a wonderful adventure.

Update 10th April:

Sozzals: ok ok ok guys – im sorry to everyone who took part in the ben competition – for some reason…. none of the entries were saved on the website so if you’ve entered, i’m really sorry but none of them saved.


i’ve fixed and tested the problem now and it totally works, i promise and i’d again, like to offer my sincere apologies to @Kekoa for fucking up his competition


and to everyone else who took part.


As a super sorry, I’ll be throwing in some extra mysterious steam keys to the prize bundle.

The competition will now run until the end of April, so you have until Tuesday 30th April 2019 at Midday to get those entries in.

Write your story here.

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