Barry and I were just having a great chat about how he used to go to the cinema with his mate once a week. Once they arrived, they would pick a random film and go and watch it. (He goes onto complain that “tickets were cheap back in those days” and proceeds to shake his walking stick at me.)

This kind of spontaneity is quite alien to me… being an anxious kind of person… i like to know what film im going to see, what time it starts at …

…so that I can arrive at the right time to get snacks and pick a good seat that isn’t behind some giant, tall dude and is close to a fire escape… NOW you’re beginning to see how much crazy is really inside of the Sozzals.

Anyway, back to the point – this conversation with Barry reminded me of this great experience that I had back when I was in college. ….. This one time, I was stuck in the City with nothing to do, so decided to go into the nearest cinema and watch a random film.

That film was Ghost Dog (don’t check the release year if you still want to be friends) I dunno if anyone remembers it? It isn’t something that I would have traditionally picked to go and watch. But, it’s a ridiculous film, I still have no idea what it was about, but I fucking loved every minute of it.

This conversation inspired me to challenge myself, and all of you, in Pyran, during the month of May 2019 – to go to the cinema without any idea of films, timings, etc – just go, with your mates, your partner, by yourself – once, this month, without any kind of plan, and watch a random film.

Come tell us about your results! What crazy shit did you watch?

One thought on “IRL Pyran Quest – May 2019”

  1. I would if I could afford it!
    I think I’m in between. Sometimes I do feel anxious and stuff but if I’m with friends I’m totally up for spontaneous stuff when I’m comfortable with who I’m with.

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