We (Pyran) are an adult community that have been playing games together for over 15 years.  We’ve played WoW Retail, Age of Conan, Rift, Warhammer, Darkfall, Archeage, Diablo (2&3), Heroes of the Storm..  to mention but a few games. We’ve kept the 18+ rule because we feel that our chat isn’t suitable for younger players.

We’re a really social community.  We use discord, website, forums and facebook to communicate, organise events, guilds and games.  We have 3 simple rules that we adhere to as a community:-


🐍 Pyran’s 3 Rules 🐍 

1. Don’t exploit

2. Don’t be an asshole

3. Don’t be a drama lama 




If you play LoL, HoN, CoD, DOTA etc. and enjoy that kind of mouthy/disrespectful gaming “culture”, then this community is not suitable for you.  We love to have a joke and a bit of banter with each other, but it’s never meant offensively.

We don’t tolerate racism – making a joke about Russians or Irish people is fine, but it’s not ok to use the “N” word in this community or any other derogatory racist remarks/comments or words that people might find offensive.  

We expect our members to behave like responsible adults around children (persons under the age of 18) and set a good example for future gamers.

Don’t do anything that’s likely to reflect badly on the community.  If you do, you’ll be given one verbal warning. If you do it again, you’ll be asked to leave.

We like friendly people.  We like to let our hair down, get raging drunk, sing silly songs, swear a lot, draw penises on isketch and have a laugh.  If you find adult humour or chat offensive, then this community is not suitable for you.


We generally only recruit for specific games, however, recruitment for the community is always open.  Since we’re an adult gaming community, we have to ensure that everyone who joins us is an adult.  Our only way of doing that effectively (and in a non-creepy way) on the internet is to talk with the person, on voicechat, using our discord serverTherefore, once you complete an application, please contact one of our admin on discord (the names in green on the top right) to have a quick chat with one of us.  We’re all very friendly people – so you don’t have to worry about anything formal.  

Once your voicechat interview is complete, we’ll throw you to the horny masses, i’m jk, you can hang out with us for a bit – if you fit in, you fit in, if you don’t, you won’t.


If you use Facebook regularly,  you can stay up to date with guild news, events and raids on our Facebook page.  Simply send a request to join together with your forum name here.  The group is private.


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No Officers? WTF IS THIS?

How Pyran works.

(This will be in the voicechat interview, so make sure you read this part carefully)

You’ll notice that there are no “Officer” or “Guild Master” tags in Pyran.  That’s because we have none. We are a member-run community. That means, we have a team of members who volunteer to take on specific responsibilities in running the community.  Any of our members can volunteer for these roles.

We have two ranks:

Trial: Trials are new people who are applying to be members.  Trial period lasts for two weeks. After the two weeks are up, your trial will be voted on at the community meeting by all members.

Member:  Every member of Pyran is considered equal and has an equal right to vote on guild decisions.  All decisions, such as trial voting, raiding nights and any other guild issues are voted on by our members at our weekly guild meetings on a Wednesday Evening.   All members have access to officer chat ingame.  


We have an admin rank in place for the purposes of enacting decisions and general upkeep – but the admin in Pyran are not officers – they are members with the same rights to vote as every other member.  Anyone can volunteer to help out with community stuff such as recruitment, hosting events or website administration.


Current Community Roles:

Admin: Responsible for general community administration, i.e.  adjusting the ranks of current members who join, promoting trials, setting agenda for the guild meetings, forum moderation and maintenance.

Internal Relations: Responsible for handling any issues that arise within the guild. These may include personal conflicts, explaining the guild rules to new members, helping new members integrate into the community.

External Relations: Responsible for interacting with other guilds in an attempt to build relations for future use (i.e. extra people for our future premades, pve runs, etc). Ensuring that Pyran is known as a respected guild full of nice people. Keeping up appearances on the public forums, etc.

Events co-ordinator: Responsible for putting up community events on a wide variety of different games and ensuring that the events are promoted via the guild website and facebook page.

Recruitment co-ordinator: Responsible for bumping the guild recruitment threads, promoting guild recruitment in public chat (when/where necessary), administration of applications and keeping track of current trials for voting at community meetings.