– ben on the way to conquer our hearts and minds, 2018

– No chat is safe from pyran

The Story So Far

A Pyran Fanfic By Crashie that will never be finished
sos is the grandmother
jim is the granddad doubling as supreme leader
fixel is married to a stripper
zahur is like the turtle in pandaria carrying the pyran community on his muscular hairy back
grouse is the grumpy guy living in a mansion on a hill with no trespassing signs all over the place
ben is the actual ruler over pyran and lives in his palace
grighton is the mad scientist he lives in a lab and gets blown up every couple days
bohan is like zahur but he carries the rest of the world too #carrybear
scribbles is the bouncer/pyran border guard
gardiad lives in a house made of bunnies
pidge is ben’s caretaker

someone stepped on albi a while back and hes still stuck under his shoe
Strider is married to the floor
Ravnos is stuck in a pyramid scheme and has to sell 50 copies of Star Citizen to get out