Pyran Guild up on Diablo III

Sozzals a posted Apr 2, 14  -  diablo 3

Pyran guild is up on Diablo 3 - you can find it by searching the guild list. Dave, Chris, Barry, me and Jim all have permissions at the moment so one of us should be about to accept you.

Join TS3 in the evenings to chat to us. We're fabulous.  Also enable guild chat ingame.

We're putting a bloodline game up of Dwarf Fortress. Meeting up on Tuesday 18th March at 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) on TS3 for any interested parties. Download the pack we'll be using here:

Signups on the Facebook page!

Head over to our Facebook page to check out our Christmas competition to win a Steam or Amazon voucher.

So, we ran a few maps at the weekend - Jim, Barry and myself.  We'll be diving straight into maps this week during the evening times in the run-up to Christmas.  If you'd like to join us.  Hop online, we're usually on from about 8pm GMT in the evenings.  Note that you must be at least level 66 to participate.

Maps serve as the endgame content in Path of Exile. Like equipment, they come in magic, rare, and unique qualities and have their own special affixes. Affixes on maps can make them more difficult but can also increase your potential rewards. Maps can also have quality, you can raise its quality by using a Cartographer's Chisel.pngCartographer's ChiselCartographer's Chisel
Stack Size: 20Improves the quality of a mapRight click this item then left click a map 
to apply it. Has greater effect on lower 
rarity maps. The maximum quality is 20%. 
Shift click to unstack.

Maps can drop from anything that can drop items of item level 60 or higher. Non-map areas cannot drop maps higher than level 66, as of patch 0.10.8.

You can access this content after completing the quests for Lady Dialla in Act 3 on merciless difficulty. You can then access the Eternal Laboratory where maps can be used.

Note that in some of the pages for specific maps, it is indicated whether the map is indoors or outdoors. The main purpose of this is for predicting the behaviour of the map prefix Labyrinthe (Map is a maze), which has virtually no effect on outdoor maps and generally makes indoor maps much larger.

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