ArcheAge Launch!

Farske a posted 24 hours ago

After taking the server by storm, Pyran are already starting to establish a strong presence with people attempting to hire us for trade runs and protection. In fact Pyran has already been hired for a logging protection operation, which was a success!

We have had a great time and we cannot wait for the new wave of players to join us in ArcheAge.

Check out the report for details on our guild village and other neat things, including our "Mutual Defence Pact" with our neighbours, another guild.

We have a few boats and a 100% success on trade runs across the sea. We've had many pvp run ins, established great locations for farms and made a crest ready to be applied to your gear and ships.

We are still open to recruitment, apply here, bring your friends.

Get on TS, remember the rules, and lets get playing!

ArcheAge Headstart!

Farske a posted Fri at 2:08

Pyran ready your bodies as the ArcheAge Headstart kicks off today at 6pm UK time. Check out this countdown to check your timezone.

Get onto Teamspeak as soon as you can, we will be booting up at 5pm and chatting, sharing plans and getting ready for the launch.

Some of us are grouping up to rush the green story quests to get Gilda quickly, to grab land for a great location guild house. After this some are levelling normally, while others intend to rush through to 50.

We will be on EU Kyprosa on the Eastern side (Firran, Harani). 

We are adhering to the usual "don't be a dick" guild rules with the 4 laws:
  1. Kill(mainly) for profit.
  2. Respect money bound contracts.
  3. Don't corpse camp.
  4. Don't be a dick.
Our latest headstart count numbered 6, and the roll call counts 25 people, plus a few more potentially incoming. We are still open for recruitment, check the rules here and application form here.

Thank you Pidge for the guild crest. 

If you are wondering what ArcheAge is, or wondering how to do XYZ, hop over the the forums and check out the many threads to get an idea.

See you on the seas!

Pyran Set Sails in ArcheAge

Farske a posted Sep 7, 14

YARR Pyran take to the seas!

We are having a great open beta, sailing out, privateering and viking the enemy faction, stealing trade packs and having wild chases through the waves.

Don't forget to join us, as ArcheAge is nearing Head Start Launch next week on the 12th September at 6pm (BST). If you have not got a founders pack, you'll be joining us after the 16th. Also check out our plans for headstart and launch.                               

We will be on EU Kyprosa on the Eastern side.

If you are joining us late, the game can be a little overwhelming at start with all the scope, freedom and things you can do, but worry not the forums are having a wealth of links and resources built up. If you fancy watching a few videos, check out the serious PVP with Kaymezee or some hilarious adventures with Cpt Andy Trout

Also if you want to help choose our guild crest, check out the latest pictures I took while testing Pidges great crest design.

Please Vote on poll for activities on launch. This is very important, as it will decide on what Pyran does in game in relation to pvp.

Check out the new rules for ArcheAge Pyran (pending change from poll) and the application form for new recruits. 

We are now open for applicants!

Check out the forums for extra information, join in and see you on Zee SEASSS you landlubbars!

Hello Pyrans,

So the ArcheAge Open Beta has been confirmed for Thursday 4th September and following that the Founders Pack Headstart is the Friday 12th September and the final LAUNCH is at Tuesday 16th September.

Our road to launch starts with Open Beta commencing on Thursday, September 4 at 10:00 AM PDT and run to the same time on Monday, September 8. Open Beta will be available to all new and veteran players with no invitation required. If you’ve played during Closed Beta, your character will be waiting for you and your timers on crops and taxes will pick up right where they left off. Following Open Beta, we will be wiping all servers in preparation for ArcheAge’s Head Start, a four-day advance play window granted to all Founders. Head Start starts on Friday, September 12 at 10:00 AM PDT and culminates with ArcheAge’s official launch. All progress from Head Start will carry over to launch.

Farske will be dabbling on the Open Beta, and playing at the HeadStart (However, that weekend I am away and Trion did not really give us a warning).

Who else will be playing the Headstart?
ArcheAge’s fourth Closed Beta Event begins this week, starting Friday, August 22 at 6:00PM and running until the same time on Wednesday, August 27! Players who participated in CBE3 will not need to redownload the entire game client, only an incremental patch.

It’s important to note that invites to CBE3 will not be valid for CBE4, but we are expecting that this event will be twice as large as the last event with even randomly-selected invitations for fans who signed up on the official ArcheAge website. 

Partner site giveaways of CBE4 codes will begin Wednesday, August 20 at Alienware, Razer, Rixty,, PCGamesN, MMOHuts, MMOGames, OnRPG. Additionally, our Alpha and Founder players will have access to all of Beta.

We play on the server Kyprosa on the Eastern Harani.

Sadly your host Farske will be away from the 22nd to the 25th, so i'll miss the bulk of this. In the meantime, hop on over to the forums, check the posts, sign up (uses Glyph (Rift)), read up and enjoy the next beta!
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