Hey guys, we're gonna be on TS tonight (Friday Night Drinking Party!) and we'll be playing Factorio. If you fancy trying out the FREE demo - you can download it here:

If you like the demo, the game is available for purchase - it's incredibly polished for an alpha game and totally worth the €12, the actual game also includes a multi-player function allowing us to all play on the same map(similar to minecraft) and build together!

WTF is Factorio?

It's a management simulator where you build factory lines of various different materials that you turn into other stuff. You can also make weapons, defensive towers (there are aliens that attack, or you can play in "peaceful" mode if you cant be arsed with them), walls, gates, trains, planes, cars, oil rigs, rockets, like... it's deeper than Kevin's love of ass or Chris' love of cock. How you play is entirely down to you - you can ignore all the fighting stuff altogether and just make cool shit or you can go and fuck shit up. The maps are endless (like minecraft) and the mutli-player function works similar to minecraft/terraria. I have a serious hardon for this game.

Here's a look at my own single-player factory line at the moment - this is probably 2 days worth of gameplay.

Hop on TS later if you're interested.

Season's due to start tonight (13 Feb)!  We'll be online from 20:00GMT.  Join us on TS.

Bring alcohol/other!! 

Sign up in events.

Highmaul Cleared!

Sozzals atag posted Feb 10, 15  -  highmaulworld of warcraft

A quick update from our World of Warcraft friends on Emeriss.  Congratulations to everyone involved on getting all them bosses down, well done guys!

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the best (and some say...most complicated) game in the universe?

Well now's your chance as we plan on doing a full play-through to show you how to get started with the basics, i.e. how to not die to a million different things in Dwarf Fortress.

This is the plan:

Together, Jim and I have crafted a fairly easy starting world (set in calm surroundings in a dark forest far from other civilisations who seek to wreak havock and despair upon your little dwarves) which we have shared below (you might need to set up a dropbox account, don't worry it's free and not virusy).  Don't worry if you can't make this Friday, come on TS any time we're on and ask us questions about Dwarf Fortress, we are more than happy to answer a million questions about this game because it's AWESOME.  To make this work, we'll run a stream with full commentry on what we're doing and why we're doing it so you can get an idea of the actual gameplay.  You can download the file by clicking the sexy black box below and play along (don't worry we'll wait for you to catch up).



If you already have a previous version of Dwarf Fortress downloaded, I'd still suggest downloading a seperate copy of ours as we have the map generated and we use awesome and easy to use keybinds and graphics packs.

Josh and the Sheep

Sozzals atag posted Feb 1, 15

Have you heard the story?

Josh and the sheep

Illustration by Barry