Blizzard have finally given us a timeline for the launch of World of Warcraft Vanilla (Summer 2019) and confirmed that the patch will be available to play for all WoW subscribers.

With this in mind, that gives us about 7-8 months to plan what we want the Pyran guild to look like, where we want it to be, what we want it to achieve.

Polling conducted earlier this year, revealed that the overwhelming majority of the community are wanting to play as HORDE on a PVP SERVER.

If we are to run a 40-person raid guild, we will require people to pitch in and help.  I’ve estimated that a total of 12 people are needed to assist with the smooth running of a vanilla wow guild.

We’ve prepared the following documents (edited from the previous pyran wow guild) for discussion in the #world-of-warcrack channel on Discord: 

Raiding Charter

Trial Voting

Guild Assist Roles