We have a few roles open up within the guild. These aren’t officer roles – they are voluntary administrative roles. Any member can volunteer for them. Roles like these are the heart and soul of the guild and keep everything pumping and moving along. We’d be really happy if some people would like to volunteer to help out in these areas. Please poke Tzyx or Sozzals on discord if you’d like to help out.

Note: It would be optimal to have 2 volunteers for each role so that no one feels overwhelmed. Note that these roles can be filled by members only, if you’re a trial, however, you can still register interest.

Guild Admin Roles 

Raid Leaders

Runs raids on the set raiding days.  If unavailable, ensures that someone is there to take over.

These guys are responsible for running their specific raids and distributing loot accordingly. See the Raiding Charter for information on how  loot is distributed.

Internal Relations

Responsible for managing internal relations within the guild.

Requirements: This would suit someone quite social, someone able to interact with anyone, but also someone good at remaining neutral when presented with a contentious situation and with strong problem-solving skills.

  • Dealing with complaints. If you receive a complaint about someone within the guild, get all details of the story involved including any breach of the Guild Rules. Contact the party or parties involved and speak to them on a neutral basis, asking for their side of the story. Contact any eyewitnesses involved. Make a decision based on the information you’ve gathered. If someone was in breach of the guild rules you have the power to issue a warning.
    Members: If that person is already in receipt of a warning, then you can offer them a re-trial (if they are member, they get demoted to trial) and if they don’t want to retrial, then they should be removed from guild (following your best judgement).
    Trials: One warning, if a second breach is made then they can be removed from the guild, based on your best judgement and your interaction with them.
  • Trying to resolve live issues. If there is some drama brewing in guild chat, then stepping in, whispering the people involved, ask them to stop and using your best judgement on the best way to resolve the issue.

External Relations

Requirements: Again, this role would suit someone who is quite social and not afraid to approach and make conversation with people (ingame) that they don’t know.

  • Managing the guild’s “public face” and image within the server community. Ensuring that we always look maximum sexy ALL of the time.
  • Making contact with guild masters from other guilds to develop a relationship. Keeping notes on what guilds are active and ensuring that we stay in good stead with them. This comes in handy if we need a specific enchant that no one in the guild can do, or we need a recipe crafted… etc… or if we get an application for someone that ninja’d their whole bank – giving each other warnings on failed trials, etc.
  • Resolving any issues between our members and members from other guilds.

Recruitment – Stage 1

Requirements: This would suit someone who likes spreadsheets and spamming.

  • Updating the “Active Members” part of the spreadsheet with anyone new who joins.
  • Identifying recruitment needs based on our current membership level and level of activity.
  • Adjusting the website to reflect our current recruitment needs.
  • Spamming recruitment macro ingame.
  • Keeping the Pyran Recruitment thread active on the Blizzard forums.
  • Answering any questions you get ingame from potential applicants.

Recruitment – Stage 2

Requirements: This would suit someone who doesn’t mind talking to new people on voicechat and who is a good judge of character.

  • Interviewing new applicants that have applied to join the guild. We have an interview script and everything…!
  • Based on an interview, judging whether you think someone is right for Pyran.

Guild Banker

Requirements: Role suits someone who enjoys the trading aspect of the game and who is good at making dollah!$$

The guild bank is open to all members, as you know. Trials have no access but can request items.

  • Ensuring that everyone using the bank is putting in as much as they take out. Reporting any breaches to Internal Relations.
  • Identifying and selling surplus stock on the auction house to make gold for the bank.
  • Ensuring that after each raid, any items that were looted by members accidentally are returned to the guild bank.

Events Organiser

Requirements: Would suit someone technical as there is some website work involved. Someone quite social who’s able to stir up interest in an event or raid.

  • Ensuring that all the raids are up on the forums
  • Encouraging people to sign up – posting reminders on discord/guild chat, etc
  • Liaising with anyone interested in running a raid or an event and posting it on the events page, on the homepage and on the Facebook page.
  • Liaising with anyone who’s finding it difficult to find a group and helping people find groups to gear up


Trash Loot CEO

  • Trashlooting in raids
  • Ensuring all trash loot is distributed fairly
  • Depositing surplus trash loot into guild bank
  • Reprimanding people who trash loot and ensuring that all trash loot gets to the guild bank!


  • Provision of healing rotations in raids
  • Answering any healer-related questions in the healers channel
  • Ensuring that healers are aware of any specific roles they need to cover for boss fights


  • Provision of tank rotations and marking targets
  • Ensuring the raid is moving forward on trash when boss loot is being distributed
  • Answering any tank-related questions in the tank channel
  • Ensuring all tanks are aware of any specific roles they need to be aware of for boss fights


  • Answering any melee-dps related questions in the melee channel
  • Ensuring all melee dps are aware of any specific roles or functions that they need to perform for boss fights

Ranged DPS

  • Assigning sheep/CC targets to the ranged
  • Answering any ranged-dps related questions in the ranged channel
  • Ensuring all ranged dps are aware of any specific roles they need to perform for boss fights



As well as these roles, there will also be Class Leaders who are knowledgeable members of Pyran who’ve volunteered to answer any and all questions relating to that class.