Current Progress

To be updated.

Signing Up

People who sign up for the raid will get preference over anyone who hasn’t signed up. If you’ve signed up as maybe and come along, you’ll be treated as signing up. We’ll be keeping an eye on it so people don’t abuse the ‘maybe’ option to get invites every time when they know they aren’t gonna be there half the time. Please be helpful! We had a good record so far, thumbs up.

Raid Invites and Being On Time

One of the main aims for me is to run these raids for us as a bunch of friends trying to have a good time, and so we have a 15 minute window at the start of every raid for inviting and forming the group and going back to get shit we forget in the bank and so on. I know that people are sometimes late for IRL reasons.. this is ok! If you make it in the 15 minute window, you’ll get an invite. If you’re going to be longer than that, see if you can poke someone to let me know! I can always save space! During this 15 minute window, i will do the following:

Announce Raid is starting (log on your mains!)

Spam CT Raid Assist Invite macro:
This will invite everyone in the horde guild who is 60. This means that if you aren’t intending to raid, you will still get the auto invite.. please just decline if you know you don’t want to go.

Anyone wishing to raid should accept the invite. Due to our casual nature, this means that we will sometimes be oversubscribed to raids. This is ok! Everyone will take some turns missing raids, and this is tracked on the spreadsheet so no one is getting left out more than anyone else. It’s not gonna be perfect, with class requirements for raids and so on, so a little understanding when it’s your turn to skip a raid is lovely. Any problems, talk to me. This does mean that sometimes when you turn up hoping to grab a raid spot, you get an invite at the start and don’t end up raiding that evening. This is annoying for sure, but tis the easiest way for us to administrate raids without having a more formal system for selecting people.

After 15 minutes, the raid will be trimmed to size if oversubscribed, and we will start.

Anyone not currently selected to raid will be placed on a shortlist. You guys will get a raid attendance point as if you had joined the entire raid (if you signed up, and turned up!) This shortlist will be the first bunch of people to get invites if people have to drop out throughout the evening.


Raiding Etiquette

Discord is carnage with 40 people online. Glorious and hilarious carnage, but carnage all the same. This means that we’re gonna lay down a few rules for 40 mans from now on, that we would appreciate it if people respected. The normal guild rules always apply of course, plus…

THE NUMBER ONE RULE -> when i call for quiet on comms, please be quiet. It’s usually cos im trying to explain something or ask something. If you don’t recognise my voice, or can’t hear me, please tell me before we start the raid. It doesn’t help shouting someones name on discord 50 times to have them go ‘lol can’t hear u m8’. I’m not the pushy aggro raid leader that alot of guilds have, and will give you guys a lot of leeway for spamming crap and having a good time while we raid, but this needs to go both ways, and you guys gotta shut up when we’re explaining stuff! 🙂 So NUMBER ONE RULE just to make sure… when on a raid… “what jim says, goes”. Thank you for your understanding <3

Boss Fights -> If we’re doing a boss fight, please be quiet unless you have something PERTINANT TO THE FIGHT to add. If we’re discussing tactics, wade in and give us your opinion. If we’ve finished, and are now assigning people to jobs for a try, please stop giving us your opinion. People can chat shit all night on discord and its brilliant, but for the 5-10 minutes where we get to a boss and are trying to kill him, quiet on comms is really handy. Some people have time critical stuff to say to each other when we fight and talking about literally anything else at this point has a chance to kill everybody dead. Once boss (or us) is dead, go nuts.

Going AFK -> if you need to go AFK, let the raid leader know. This is Tzyxx, or someone else assigned in my place if i’m not there. Telling someone else DOES NOT COUNT.

OHSHIT i gotta leave! -> this is totes fine. We’re all adults. Just give me as much warning as possible so that i can find a replacement for you so we can carry on without making 39 other people wait.

Trash Etiquette

Huzzah! Raiding is exciting! Purples! Shiny Things! RECIPES ON MOBS THAT I CAN SHIFT LOOT MUHAHA… pls no 🙁 Ok I know it’s not ideal… let me explain. Loot needs to be on master looter for items. This is cause if we have rolling on, the shift loot bug WILL fuck people out of loot. So we don’t need/greed on stuff, ever. So our options are master looter or ffa. For patterns.. the master looter can’t see them. This means that on trash, we need to keep it on ffa so that we can see the patterns. This means YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT NINJA LOOTING THEM BY ACCIDENT. People seeing a pattern should link it in chat, announce on discord, and we’ll roll it out.

Loot Etiquette and Distribution

Ok so the way we do loot. Jim keeps a spreadsheet (CURRENTLY LINKS TO THE OLD EXCALIBUR LOOT TABLE). Jim will distribute loot. You can ask for stuff, you can suggest stuff, you can pass on stuff for other people. You will be polite about it or you will never


get loot. If you don’t like it, thats fine, im not perfect… bring it up after the raid. I don’t wanna hear people saying shit like “thats wasted on him” ever whilst distributing loot. As far as I’m concerned the loot that drops in raids belongs to the guild first and foremost, and will be distributed as fairly as possible with this in mind. if you have suggestions or concerns with stuff, whisper me. Everyone wants shiny stuff, and everyone will get it in time. The only things that will circumvent this ‘fairness’ i strive for, is stuff that we need for guild progress. If i’m prioritising tanks over you for a set token for example, im doing it for a good reason! If you don’t like it or don’t know why, just ask. I will always explain why people get stuff.



We will have a team of 10-12 tanks in total, ranging from the geared to the not so geared. Some fights we need 6 tanks and some offtanks. Some fights we need 1. This is raiding in a nutshell. Unlike most guilds, although I am nominally the “Main Tank” i do try to share stuff around so everyone gets to do stuff. Most guilds that get anywhere will have 1-2 guys take all the gear and be the MAIN TANKS and everyone else just spends their life offtanking trash forever. This isn’t how things are in Pyran, you’ll get your turn, but understand that there are some things that will just be done by other people. We’re aiming to form a decent tanking team which covers all of the bases. We have multiple classes, we have people who can switch out to heal, and people who can switch out to dps when needed. Remember that now we’re doing big raids.. alot of our job is hanging around chopping stuff waiting for shit to go wrong so we can shine like the gods we are.

Tasks That Will Be Assigned During Raids


As we raid more, we’ll find more shit that needs to get done. As of this moment, we have the following roles available per raid. I will select one person for each job from the pool of people I know don’t mind doing it. If you would like to put yourself into one of these pools, let me know.

Group Jiggler – official title! This guy will move groups around for maximum tryharding.

Trash Assignments this guy will deal with marking trash, assigning tanks and cc’ers to deal with certain marks, and calling pulls if I am not, as well as organising the tanks so they know whats going down when we fight stuff.

Healing Assignments this guy will deal with assigning healers to targets (a tank, the raid, a party, whatever) as we need it throughout the instance, as well as organising the healers so they know whats going down when we fight stuff.

Trash Looter yeah this sucks hah, but from now on one guy is gonna be the trash looter. That guy will loot all the crap out of trash when its on ffa (zg coins and such) to ensure that they reach the guildbank.

Updater of the Glorious Master Spreadsheet – I’ll do this mostly. But if other people express interest, we record the loot that drops on spreadsheet, and its a pain in the ass doing it and getting people moving and stuff, so wouldnt be awful if someone else wanted to volunteer for this for 40 mans :3

Channels for you and others like you!

We love giving you chat channels to join so here are some more raid specific ones!

/join PyranTanks
/join PyranHeal
/join PyranMelee
/join PyranRanged

There are also class specific channels.   /join PyranPriest, /join PyranRogue, (etc).

Addons for Raiding


We use the following addons for raiding, and require you to have them installed:

  • CT Raid Assist
  • Deadly Bossmods OR Bigwigs
  • Omen 2 Threatmeter
  • Decursive
  • Healbot (healers only. you don’t need to use it, just have it installed and hidden).

You can find a link to a big database of 2.4.3 addons on the “links” section of our homepage.



If you have problems, issues, suggestions, blah, all that stuff, just poke me. I’m pretty responsive to making changes to how we do stuff if it’s going to make us faster, more efficient, or for stuff to take less effort. I’m totally unresponsive to this stuff (even if its an improvement) if you’re shouting over the top of me in a raid once i’ve already made a decision. So do it at the right time! 🙂

~ Tzyx/Jim