Just to explain a bit about how the ranking system works in Pyran and how we turn trials into members.

We have two ranks: Member Rank and Trial Rank.

Members have access to:

  • Officer chat
  • Guild Notes/Officer Notes
  • Can volunteer for Guild Assist roles to help out with guild admin

Trials have access to:

  • Guild Chat

How do we turn trials into members?

Once every two weeks, on a Friday usually, we have a guild meeting on Discord voicechat. This will be displayed in the Events section of the forum.
At that meeting, members can bring up any issues they are having within the guild and we discuss how best to solve any problems. We talk about things like recruitment, guild bank, raiding, etc. Once all the items have been discussed we vote on trials that have been in the guild for two weeks.

You can view when your trial is due, or the reason for your trial’s extension here.

The name of the trial we’re voting on will be posted in Officer Chat, which all members have access to. You cast your vote using the YNEAP system.

What the fuck is YNEAP?

Y= Yes (pass their trial)
N= No (fail their trial)
E= Extend (you can use this if you don’t know someone well enough to make a judgement)
A = Abstain (you can use this vote if you don’t want to vote on someone, for whatever reason, but you trust others to make the right judgement)
P = Pass (we have no idea how this got here)

So you type “Y” in officer chat once the name has been posted, if you wish to pass their trial, etc. We also encourage people to give a reason on why they decided to vote in this way. If you aren’t able to make a guild meeting – you can let Sozzals or Tzyx know how you’d like to vote.

There must be six or more members online or present during a vote to promote someone to member or remove them from guild. This is to prevent people from being unfairly removed from guild without reason.

What way are trials judged in Pyran?

Each individual member can vote how they wish, but we try to encourage people to vote on someone whether we want them to stick around and hang out with us, not on how good they are in raids or their gear or their gems and enchants. We vote on them as a person, before making a vote you should consider:

  • Do you enjoy playing with them?
  • Have you seen them causing aggro with other members or people outside of the guild?
  • Are they making an effort to interact with people in the guild and/or greater community?

How to pass your trial

Follow the three rules. Hang out with people, get to know them. You can do that in discord (voice and text), in guild chat, group up with people, make raids, get involved. We’re a really social community, it’s very easy to just slide in (with the right lubricant).